Martha is a 41 year old that despises parsnips, littering and unwarranted rudeness. Martha lives in Killeagh, County Cork and works as a teacher at a large primary school in Youghal. When she is not at school teaching children she is helping her sons Davin and Cillian with their homework, all while cooking for her family and cleaning the house.


Martha has many hobbies such as tampering with electronics, building geodesic domes, gardening and attempts to be self-sufficient. On her days off she takes strolls into the woods to write as she enjoys nature and aspires to be a published author one day; she also loves trips there with her best friends, Loo, Carol Anne, Jessica and Lisa.


Martha thinks with a logical and scientific mind. She sees her life as an experiment, although full of kooky ideas, and tries to drag her family along with them – she once asked her husband Paul to order barbequed crickets. Martha believes she is a chimera, which would explain her odd discrepancy – and her granny was a twin.

Paul is a calm and loyal 41-year old that likes the outdoors and manual work. He lives with his wife Martha and his children Davin and Cillian in Killeagh. He is a librarian at the Bishoptown Library and whilst at work he found out that one of his costumers had his ears voluntarily removed. Paul loves to listen to music and to read; he aspires to be a master drummer, to produce good dance music and to raise his children well. He once accidently stabbed his mother in the hand with a knitting needle. Paul dislikes religion, hypocrisy and coconuts.


Davin is 12 and from Killeagh, County Cork. He lives with his parents Martha, Paul and his little brother Cillian. Although Davin has a wide range of knowledge, he attends school at St. Fergal’s. Davin plays Mine Craft and likes to go out with his friends to chat or to play. He dislikes rubbers that don’t work, cheese but not mozzarella and cucumbers. Once while with his friends he started humming the Mine Craft song ‘your door was locked’ and eventually he had the whole friend group singing that song while marching around the local green.


Davin has many aspirations he would love to achieve when he grows up: he eventually wants to be a teacher, to help the environment, to grow algae and to become a productive human being. His teacher at school was a previous hurler and while writing on the board his pen slipped out of his hand, his reflexes kicked in to action and kicked the pen right back up and caught it; the whole class was in awe.

Carol Anne, or Callie as her nieces and nephews like to call her, lives in Cuskinny, County Cork - in a converted gardener’s lodge with walled gardens, along with her partner, 3 dogs and 4 chickens. Carol Anne has never been great with routine although she always tries – first thing in the morning when she wakes up she likes to recall the dreams she had the night before. When she finally gets up, she starts her day with coffee and freshly lain eggs from the chickens. She then walks the dog and heads to her studios in cork.


Carol Anne was known as ‘cat woman’ as a child as she loved to climb and was slightly mischievous; until she had a dream that she fell from a barn and impaled herself with farmyard machinery – she has been afraid of heights ever since.


Carol Anne works as an artist at Backwater Studios in Cork City. She works with the public in the summer and then focuses on studio based work in the winter. Carol was on a residency last year where she spent two weeks out at sea, 360km from the coast of Kerry over the porcupine canyon on a scientific survey ship with a group of marine scientists.


Carol Anne would like to travel more, and to be happy and healthy for a long time. She is very curious and likes to laugh, but she can come across as slightly shy and sees herself as a dreamer. Carol Anne dislikes drivers in fancy cars although she commutes herself.


Christina is a 77-year old who hates people with bad manners. She is from East Cork and is retired, but keeps herself busy by pottering around the garden attending to her fruit and vegetable patches, all while going to craft workshops and jetting off around the world on many holidays. She has always wanted to go to Patagonia. Before retiring Christina worked in the public sector. During her working life she lived in Dublin and London, and when she finally moved back to East Cork she found adjusting to life here quite lonely as all her friends lived further afield.


Christina believes she has wonderful family and friends, who are always in contact with her - Christina and her best friend will be celebrating 60 years of friendship this year. Christina likes to help people and tries to see both sides of the picture.

Hana is a shy 14-year old that lives in Gortaroo Ireland. She loves snails, books and to draw, but dislikes spiders and extremely loud noises. On Hana’s day-to-day she attends school at St. Colman’s Community College. One time at school she used wheat paste to glue a large picture of Shrek up on the bathroom stalls; unfortunately it got taken down the next day but she never got caught. After school Hana likes to go skateboarding; she eventually wants to learn how to do a board slide.


On a science trip to cork with her school she went with her friend afterwards to a shop and bought a kazoo. She thought it was broken so she took it back to return it, but it turns out she was playing it backwards the whole time. When she isn’t at school or looking at snails she is playing Mine Craft with her sister. When in the middle of a game her sister killed her character Barry, Hana got very angry with her. Hana feels she is kind to some people, and eventually she would like to go to college one day.