Kathryn is a moody 53-year old wife and a mother of two from Scunthorpe. She likes to take one day at a time while enjoying Coronation Street in peace and quiet, but dislikes Conservatives and Brexit. Kathryn was originally a teacher but due to unfortunate events had to leave due to illness. On a good day Kathryn will do a bit of housework, rest and read a book. Kathryn enjoys taunting her children – when Hannah and Thomas were younger she told them the cats eyes in the road were cats at work and went under tunnels each night wearing helmets. Kathryn and her husband Nigel enjoy trips around the UK in their caravan.


Nigel is 55 and from Scunthorpe. In his day-to-day Nigel worries about life while working as a turner at British steel where he has worked for the past 39 years. He makes the tea for his family: Kathryn, Hannah and Thomas, and enjoys walking Ginny (the dog). Nigel’s main aspiration is to retire as soon as possible. He dislikes spicy food, ironing and driving in cities but enjoys a good beer and to watch Scunthorpe United. The past 2 years have been rough on Nigel – just before his mum’s birthday his father died on October 17th 2017. His family then looked after his mum who suffered from senile dementia. His mum then died 26th January 2019; while all this was going on he looked after his wife Kathryn who suffers from fibromyalgia.

Tom AKA Thomas (although he doesn’t like to be called this) is a hot-headed 21-year old from Scunthorpe, where he lives on High Leys Road with his family Nigel, Kathryn and Hannah. Currently he works at a secondary school called Humberston Academy; he is working his way to eventually become a PE teacher.  When he’s not at work he is supporting his local football team Scunthorpe United as well as playing for his own, Black Beauty. Tom loves to eat, a lot! Although he absolutely detests mashed potatoes and vegetables. He sees himself as affectionate, kind and funny. While on holiday in Maga Tom lost his shoes, socks and phone…