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The Unnameables

...Something lurks on the walls and floors – moving, creeping, pushing through, Creatures squirming through rafters and underneath floorboards. They are evolving and morphing, into growth-like alien creatures that are strange and unusual. They are invading our space and every passing day their colony becomes larger.


They keep growing. Twisting and distorting as they move, feeling their way through like ivy or the sucker-like limbs of an octopus, contorting and wriggling over each other; disgusting. It seemed so harmless at the time. What was I thinking?


One of the creatures scrunches and crawls into a space - being too large, the legs sprawl and collapse out onto the floor. It has found its home. The others join it, like mould on surfaces, slowly infesting until the whole place has been taken over, one by one they invade until there is no room for more.


As a consequence, it starts again.

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